November 23, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Caleb Leavitt

weekly email

Were just a little late today but we made it. Things are starting to get colder here. These next few months are not going to be as enjoyable. The weather is starting to get cold but not anything like snow yet. I think about how after this transfer is over in two weeks that leaves only six left. It's a bit of a scary thought. I was on exchanges with our zone leaders this week and I learned seven zone leaders are going home and need to be replaced. I hope it's not me, but I'm ready to do what I need to if it is.

(from Mom: We were not expecting snow so early this year. Kaylee is loving it. Dad took her out of the yard on Saturday and she was running around and then she decided to not listen and Dad had to carry her back home. Needless to say she did not have her collar on which would have made it much easier to get her back home. Then he did not close the gate all the way, so later Lizzy says, is Kaylee out. Well, yes she was, so again someone had to go chase her down.) That's funny. Is she a frequent trouble maker or does she just like being out and knows where to come back to when she is done? (responses: she was being petty obstinate this weekend.) She is a winter breed. She was probably pretty happy to be out in the winter weather again. How is she with people? I'm wondering if she will even acknowledge me when I get back in August. (Or July if BYU works out). If she was left alone outside without anyone coming to get her do you think she would come back home when she was ready or would she run off?

i just found out I can put in a request from to get ancestral patriarchal blessings sent to me. What ancestors do we have that have those? I know there aren't as many lines as some other people have since there are so many converts in the recent lines.

It says you need full name birth day and full names of parents. Have you had many blessings requested for yourself before? It sounds pretty cool being able to see what their lives and their experiences were like through the blessings and promises given to them by God.


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