August 31, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear family,
I usually address these things to mom because it's convenient, but everyone is certainly on my mind. I am expecting this to show up after the package I sent home get there. If it somehow gets home first, then I guess be on the look out. I'm staring to feel the clock tick down on this area. Everything looks right for me to be leaving in about three weeks. Of course there's the usual things are doing well here, stuff going on, we're excited kind of stuff. I think I'm getting to the point where thinking about being back home and having stuff that I can do other than what I've gotten so used to out here is starting to intimidate me. With my home date and going back to college being right next to each other, hopefully I won't have too long to just be culture shocked.

Exchanges on Tuesday last week with the zone leaders got me a cold. It got really annoying on Sunday, when I lost my voice and had no energy at all. We spent a good portion of the afternoon resting and getting recovered. Elder Bair was super bored the whole time and it was really depressing for me too. The thought was I had better take a little time now to try and get better or this could take some serious effects on the whole next week. I still have a slight cough and a stuffed up nose but I am hoping it's all good by tomorrow and we can get back to it like normal. For this P-day, no one else was able to come down here because it's the end of the month and miles are all used up. It's been a pretty boring day, but things are at least calm and we can rest from everything. We played a game with a member last night that he has. I also have a copy of the same game that I found in a cupboard in an apartment in Culpeper over six months ago. I've mentioned it a few times, it's hero quest and he and his son really like it. They were amazed that I had even heard of it since it's from like 1989. It's really fun though if you like fantasy stuff and dungeons. It has a couple of expansions that were released shortly after it was that I am thinking about getting for Christmas since they sound really interesting too. They have really nerdy names that give the whole target audience away. They called these two expansions Kellars Keep and Return of the Witch Lord. The zombie game you mentioned about a month ago also sounds like a great idea. Enjoy all of your guys weeks and I will try to do that too, if I can ever get better. - Elder Applegate


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