August 24, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Mom,
As I have said before things are really starting to look up here in Farmville. These dud areas seem to happen to me a lot. I think President Wilson knows that I try to do what I can in a new area even if that wan't supposed to happen, anyway, even if things are tough. I see that a lot of Elders just get into the mentality of there being nothing they can do to try and get the work going again. It's great that he has that kind of trust in me and let's me do all this stuff, but it can e really tiring at times. I guess I did well enough in my second area which was the first area I really did any leading in to see stuff happen. I remember back to that time when I was just barely out three months and was given a new area with a guy who had been out six months and had never seen a new area that didn't do everything he wanted. I can tell the first week of being home might just have to be resting and getting my energy back. I guess it could be worse since another Elder in my MTC group has a similar attitude toward doing stuff and was made a zone leader almost two months ago. Hoping I can dodge that bullet for as long as I can. If I am lucky that might be the whole second year of the mission. I'm ready to do whatever I am called to do though. I've been meaning to ask what being a sister missionary was like back before the age change. There are a lot of sisters now out here who really beat around the bush when it comes to teaching a person. We had a general authority come and talk about I-pads and he has a set of Elders teach a mock lesson in ten minutes and times everything they did. He then told them when they taught their first point and their first invitation and all this stuff. Then he had a set of sisters training leaders (worst leadership ever) come up and teach the same setting. He railed them about taking over nine minutes to get into the teaching and not leaving a commitment or anything with the person. We have also been updating teaching records onto the I-pads and so we get to see what other missionaries have done in the past. Some of the sisters in these records are great, and some seem to follow the same theme of taking forever to actually cover anything with a person. That happened with all missionaries, but these sisters seem to be really good at it. Now I am sure you are curious about the whole sister training leader thing. After they are called these sisters almost always become super anti Elder and if an Elder is seen talking to a sister in any situation they freak out and complain to everyone. It's a curse. That's just one thing that really frustrates me about this sister's attitude. Sisters are so obviously favored by the Mission President and several of the stark leaders in several stakes and it gets really annoying to hear how sisters would instantly make everything in a ward so much better and Elders just aren't good enough. I went to a stake conference where that was basically the whole message. It's great to have them out here and they are appreciated but I get so sick of hearing it over and over. That's just a little rant about some of the annoyances of mission politics as I call them.

We had a really interesting event happen this week at the food bank we volunteer at all the time. They were getting stuff out of the huge walk in freezer and we found a box of bacon given to them by a family who used to own a restaurant. I checked the expiration date on them and it was for 2006. They had been kept frozed all that time, so it was still safe enough to eat, but the food bank can't hand that out, so we got to take home 27 pounds of frozen bacon with us. We have more of the stuff than we know what to do with. We invited the other companionships to a breakfast this morning since we have so much and we had that and pancakes. I mixed some mix with an otter pop instead of using water and my pancake came out green. It tasted fine and the sugar in the otter pop helped remove some of the bitter taste usually in pancakes. The one last thing I have been wanting to ask about was what ever happened to Jordan. I remember he was going to be able to go out again in August if he still had a desire to go. I hope he made it out again, but remembering the people he enjoyed spending time with back when we were all there, it wouldn't shock me if he got too distracted along the way.


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