June 15, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

My birthday fell on a p-day so that was cool. We played games and tried to find stuff to do like usual. Twenty was just another mark to me this year. It did feel weird to be in my twenties though.

We had a great sacrament meeting attendance yesterday. Three people came to church. All three of them are currently on track to be baptized on the 27th of this month. That's also the last saturday, and the last real proselyting day for my companion.

Transfers are on the 30th I believe. Seeing that I haven't ever been in an area for more than two transfers, I could be leaving just a heads up.

You might find this to be funny. Over the last two months my companion has popped four tires to his bike. Just last week I popped a tire and he thought it was so funny that it finally happened to me. Then the next day he popped his fifth tire. We just get new tubes. I think I would be able to use it when I get home. It depends a lot on where I go after and if a bike would make sense. It cost me a lot of money so I hope it gets used for a long time.

(In response to question about school) I thought about it more and if I can get into BYU provo, I would go there as soon as I could get in. I might have to transfer in after some more time at Idaho, but I'm hoping to be able to get in right after getting home. (Mom: It will depend also on when they start, Idaho starts around Sept 15th, so there is time to get home and see people before going, but Utah starts earlier as they are not on trimesters. Do missionaries ever come home a transfer early to make it for school?) I can come home a little early if school is the reason. If it were to be that way I would do that and come back like a transfer early or something.

The doom game has been really interesting to use since it arrived. It's also in the words of my companion "geeky". It's super geeky as he said. I seem to be getting more into that style of game. They're actually tons of fun, but you have to have a player who isn't at all afraid to delve right into the "nerd".


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