March 9, 2015


3rd Area - Fredericksburg, VA


Elder Wells Martineau

weekly letter

I haven't really been too up to date on my letter writing recently. Getting into my third area already is pretty interesting. I could likely get to see plenty of Virginia by the time I get into my last area. The work is much more difficult in this area than in my last area. I am sure that is partially because of the size of the ward boundary we cover on bikes. We really lose a lot of time to that problem. I still think it's so funny that sisters covered half of this ward needed a car but Elders with the whole ward are delegated to bikes. I wasn't really getting much exercise in my car area anyway, so there actually are benefits.

My new companion is much different than other missionaries I have worked with so far. He is very quiet and timid in teaching environments, so I am currently doing most of the teaching. I'm not boarding the time to talk but I am the only on that reacts in a timely fashion. We both like playing board games in our off time, so we have plenty to do when we have the chance. We already played axis and allies all the way through. He has shown me several of his games and we just finished his intro to firefly a little while ago. In my last area, I found an old 80's dungeon fantasy game complete with goblins, skeletons, mummies, evil knights, elves and barbarians. We have done that a few times. I'll have to send a picture because it's so geeky.

Hopefully everyone is good, Love Elder Applegate

PS: I'm also 20, man I'm so old.


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