October 20, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

As should be obvious, the daily life of a missionary is very routine. Not much about any one day is really that different from other days. The one thing that does exist outside of bland are the investigators. It seems that since I got here, the success the area has had has been really good for no particular reason. We are currently working with our investigators who we feel will be baptized within a month at most. They both have dates set but they may need slight adjusting. Richard will be ready within a week if we have our way and Christopher is ready to learn anything. he won't be long either. Both men come from Ghana and are really great people. Many other prospects are also coming along.

The other thing I thought you might like to hear about is how well the house does together and how well we enjoy each other. While still being missionaries, time at the house is always lots of fun. Today actually means the end of my first transfer. I am still going to have plenty of time to get all of the work in this area done that I need to.

I hope Mom's work in Macomb and at home goes well, that boy scouts is fine for Dad and that he can find time to relax and unwind from stress and that Lizzy and Sam are enjoying their various activities. Take care while I am gone and I will get back there soon.

Love to all, Gareth

P.S. Now Harrison begins his MTC infancy, I pity the fool. (A-Team Quote by Mr. T)


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