December 1, 2014


Siglo XX, Bolivia


Elder Valerio

Finding less-active members

Hello Everyone!

This week we have been extremely busy with Zone things, which means my Weekly Letter is going to be really short... We have been back and forth to Punata and Arani, since they are finally going to move out of that house, and so we have been going down on different days to look at houses and to help them with the moving logistics.. it has been interesting, but we have lost a lot of time that we normally have to teach, but we know that it is our responsibility and we are going to do it, because that is what we were called to do!!

The transfers are going to be announced on the 14th of December, which means that on that next Monday I am going to let you know where I will be to skype for Christmas! I really hope it's not in a crazy place which would be like the Punata call, but worst comes to worst maybe I can just make a phone call! Don't worry though, I am sure the Lord will provide!! And I would be much happier if Jenae's call goes really well than mine, since I don't have to worry too much after!

This week we were blessed to find a bunch of less-active members that we didn't even know lived there!! It was nice to see them and they let us right in, so grateful for the fact that we were able to find them! The people here are really just sad that people forget about them, and we are going to try to translate the PIE Project: Include Everyone into Spanish so that we can try and solve that problem that makes it so that our ward has attendance of 180 and there are 800 members in the ward that nobody knows!! :(

Well, this has been most of our week, we don't have much time here and it smells horrible in this internet so I think we are going to head out pretty soon...

Elder Feddock


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