March 8, 2021


DeWitt, Iowa


Elder Aguirre - Herriman, UT

Elder Evan Brown - Weeks 29 & 30

Hello everyone. I'm writing an email haha!

Everything has been going pretty good with me. We have been teaching a family of Islanders but we're having a hard time connecting with them. They like to go with the flow and have a hard time with a schedule and remembering the times we are supposed to meet with them. We're going to take a break with them for a while.

We've been teaching a lady named Whitney. She was a self-referral on "Come Unto Christ". We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she believed it which is great! We're trying to teach her fiancé too so we'll see how that goes.

We are still teaching Knox's 10 year old sister and she is doing well too.

Today for Pday we played some pickleball and I basically destroyed everyone with my quickness and agility. It was a pretty good time! Also a cat came into our apartment.


Note from Mom:
Evan and Elder Aguirre are on their own now. Their third companion left for his original assignment in the Ivory Coast.

Evan said the temps were in the 60's today so they enjoyed being outside playing pickleball in Davenport (about 30 minutes from DeWitt) with his district. Quite a change from the -35 from a month ago! Because of covid they are still restricted to meeting only with districts on pdays.

A couple of weeks ago, their car got stuck in a snow bank off the side of the road. It doesn't look like much but they couldn't get it out and had to call a tow truck. The tow truck couldn't find the car so they had to spend the night with some other missionaries and wait until the next day to get it out.


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