July 20, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Adam Rice

MTC Week 4

Hey guys!

Fourth week down!! Only two left until I'm out in the field!!

This week we had our last three TRC visits with Ana. For those who don't know, TRC is when the MTC pays members and nonmembers to come in and listen to the missionaries teach lessons in their mission lessons. You teach each person for two weeks (totaling 6 visits). We don't think that Ana was a member, but we absolutely loved her. She was like another grandmother to us.

We built another wall in our room. It was much better and much cooler, but we tore it down again because it was annoying. It folded into our closets though, so that was cool.

Class has been good. Hermano Hilton knocks us flat with spiritual

I had an amazing experience with the gift of tongues during our last TRC visit. She told a long long story about her life and I understood words I had never heard before and I think that Elder Arroz and i really touched her heart.

There are a lot of better basketball players here now, so that's both good and bad. Good because it's better competition. Bad because I can't do what I want anymore.

There is a General Authority coming to speak here on August 6th. And by GA I mean Apostle or First Presidency. We think it's Gary A. Stephenson.

What have y'all been up to? I want to hear about life at home. I want emails from everyone! I love getting emails.

The gospel is true, so what else matters?

Elder Baker


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