July 13, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Adam Rice

MTC Week 3

Hey guys!

This is my third week in the MTC. Three more and I'm off to Philadelphia to spread this holy message.

How are y'all? I love getting emails and I always try to respond so you all should email me!

I'm sorry for the lack of an email last week, I was just lazy. But today I'm on top of things.

Last Sunday, since it was Fast Sunday, we had a lot of free time on our hands after church and studying, so we tore apart a bunch of boxes and used some duct tape and made a cardboard wall across the middle of our room. It was a blast. Just look at the attached picture. However, we ran out of duct tape, so any duct tape that y'all want to send to me would literally be so greatly appreciated. We tore the first one down to make a better one.

The language is coming along great. We are speaking little to no English everyday so that's good. We have started TRC visits as well. My companion and I have met with a Colombian lady named Ana Galvis three times, and we feel like her faith is coming along the path to conversion.

Everyone now calls Elder Rice a different name: Elder Arroz. I am proud because I coined that and now everyone says it. I am also called Elder Ken but less frequently than Elder Baker.

Our teachers really have their hands full with our district. There are some instances in class where they get super hyper and loud and the quieter members of the class just sit silently. It's just hard sometimes.

All in all, homesickness is pretty much in hindsight now, but I definitely miss all of you. I expect 100 strong people welcoming me home in two years! Just kidding but I do miss y'all. I hope all of you are good.

The gospel is true, so what else matters?


Elder Baker


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