November 2, 2020


Terenure (Dublin), Ireland


Oliver Murphy

The 👹 MONSTER 👹 at the end of this Email!

Hey everybody! How are yous doing? Hope the answer is well, but if it's not, that is okay! It's totally okay not to be okay, and totally okay to need a helping hand! If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you! Just remember how loved and how important you are!

I really gained a testimony (even more so) this week of Gods love. I've been able to feel it so powerfully for some of the friends we have been teaching and even for myself at the end of some of our days! It has been a busy & crazy week! But it has been SOO GOOD. And it was HALLOWEEN!! Even better.

So a few spiritual highlights:

I got to give a talk about the current state of missionary work, and wow! As I thought of it I realized how amazing it was. It was a five minute talk, but during my preparations I counted and found that we have had 73 lessons in the last 3 weeks. That is POPPING 🥳🥳🥳 I gotta be honest though, that's a gift from God. We have been working way hard, but God has been making the magic happen. So grateful!

We got two friends on date! One is T, the less active lady from last week. She wants to go to the temple, so shes got to get baptised first! She just has to give up vaping and she is good to go! The other was K, our spiritualist friend who has been making so much progress! We set a goal with her for baptism to help her show God how serious she is about getting some answers from Him. Nice!

We got to teach our friend, R, whom we found out is a Pastor for her church! And get this, she invited her husband, J, along, and it turns out HE IS AN APOSTLE FOR HIS CHURCH. I put that in caps because it's kinda cool that I got to teach an apostle on my mission. We were gonna teach a pretty basic lesson using Bible and Book of Mormon, and as soon as I said Book of Mormon, the husband goes, "I HAVE SOME OBJECTIONS." 🤣 so we spent some time answering questions and reading the Book of Mormon with them, giving them answers from the scriptures, and invited them to read and pray about it. They said they'll reach out to us when they're ready for another chat, BUT I think we made progress. Lol.

Got to go to the Beach last Monday and took a nice long walk today with Elder Murphy, just talking about life and enjoying the stupidly windy and slightly raining weather. Beautiful Ireland is beautiful.

We have been seeing so many miracles lately and have been able to see so many small little things bring about miracles. Life is so good you guys. I hope you're doing okay :)

So you're probably wondering about the Monster at the end of this email. Well, for Halloween we played Wolf/Mafia with the Ward over Zoom! And we died first and second both times. RIP. So the Monster is apparently me cuz everyone wants to kill me lol.

Anyways love yous all so much! Stay safe and sensible!

Elder Peterson


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