April 10, 2017


Crows Landing, California


Elder Groll

Sick Week

Hey fam this week was an interesting one to say the least!! So first things first it started out with me being sick :( Pretty sad I know! But im better now so its all good!! Umm so we taught another lesson to the recent converts Fidel and Jessica, and that went pretty well besides me throwing up, it was super awesome!! Their kids are the bomb!! then tuesday Was pretty much a sick day, and so was wednesday, and thursday we had a zone conference which was pretty cool, the zone leaders are super cool and fun so that was nice!! and then also on friday we did our service at the Catholic church feeding the homeless like we always do!! so that was cool!! Even though, 90% of them arent homeless they just like free food!! haha but its cool anyways!! Umm Elder Groll and I played this Nightmare before Christmas board game we found in the other elders apartment, and it was seriously the most boring game ever, pretty much you try for like 2 hours to get to this one place in the game, and then you spin a spinner and if you land on "win" then you win and if you land on "lose" then you lose, its the worst!! hahah so that is a little bit of advice, dont play the nightmare before Christmas board game! hahha umm I had my first real sunday this sunday, and it was nice, not a lot of people but we can change that!! umm its weird tho, hardly anyone in the ward speaks spanish like super good.... so thats interesting!! umm yeah that about it for this week!! Love you all miss you Bless up!!!


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