April 3, 2017


Crows Landing, California


Elder Groll

More details on Crows Landing

This is a letter Dylan wrote to me providing a little more details from his new area.

Hey mom!! yeah I'm in the new area, haha its a ton different because this is what they call the "Black Hole" of missionary work, and I understand why.... There is not much happening out here, and all the missionaries who have been here are like the best missionaries ever, but the people here are very different than other places, well the only member I have met from my ward is the branch president, but he's not really that fluent in Spanish so we just talked to him in English, his Spanish is better than mine but not by to much lol!! so yeah there's only about 15 active members I have heard, and most of them speak English so idk why they are in the Spanish ward, and since the mission opened there has only been 1 baptism and it was a family of 3 and that was actually like 2 months ago, but they haven't quite been to church since that so we will see... umm so yeah Elder Groll is super cool, he is from Idaho, like right above Logan, and yeah 2 live right next door, and then the next closest are like 30 mins away!! But if he wasn't cool I think I would be dead rn because he is like all I've got out here to keep me from going crazy! Dang I couldn't watch the video though!! and yeah the apartment isn't the nicest, its pretty gross but its better than the old crows landing apartments, so yeah General conference was on at the church, and we were supposed to go for the Spanish people who on Saturday 0 of them showed up, but that was good because we couldn't figure out how to change the language to anything other than Tongan, so we watched Saturday session in Tongan, which is pretty close to Spanish actually!! haha but it was good, this area is different than everywhere else I've heard of, and I know why its the black hole! lol hopefully we can get someone to go to church! Love you mom!!


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