March 28, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Well Tracy, It was good knowing ya....

Transfers came, and im going to Crows landing..... Never heard of it?? ya me neither, apparently its the smallest little town ever, and everyone there works in the fields... lol so yeah this is going to be interesting!!! Tracy treated me good, but im fairly excited to go to this new place! But  This week was pretty good, we found a new investigator named Luis, and he is super interested.  We taught him the Restoration, and he told us about how he loves missionaries because they are respectful and nice.  We will see what happens with our investigators these next few transfers. Yesturday I was talking to this probably drunk homeless dude for like an hour outside, he is a very very interesting guy, he was talking to me about the movie Uncle Buck, and how if he could watch any movie it would be that one, and then he said when he gets Jehovah's Witness books and pamphlets he burns them, but he will keep his Bible and Book of Mormon with him always!!! He was a really weird guy!! But super nice to us!!! Plus he gave us the advice that when taking of a radiator cap always use gloves!! haha im gunna miss the weridos here in tracy!! It is going to be weird leaving Tracy because it was my first area, and my only area.  I leave tomorrow morning to go down there to get settled in and start working.  I hope that everyone is doing great.  I am grateful for these last few transfers that I had to be with Elder Orgill. He is a homie, and one of my good friends  I learned so much with, and from him as we served together we had some good funny times together, and he is probably one of the only people in the mission who could train me like he did!! haha Im gunna miss that guy!!  Plus Wednesday will be the first day in my whole entire mission that I wont see Elder Gifford!!! Thats going to be a sad day!!! Ooh yeah also this week I went on exchanges with Elder Lee, and that was fun!!! We talked to a sweet Less Active family and their like 15 year old daughter was dirt biking in a race and literally tore everything in her leg, it sounded pretty gross, so we were talking to her about that, she seemed pretty sad about having to miss the rest of the season!!! Then I talked to my man Jesus Chavez, and had him sing his missionary song for elder lee, and I took some pics of his bunny Kilo Jr. who is always cuddling up with us during lessons!! Kilo Jr. is the coolest rabbit ever!! Also I got to talk to a man named Pete Montalvo, he is a less active!! Probably the coolest guy ive ever met!! hahah hes way cool!!! and also this week I painted with old people in an old people home!! hahah I did cue-tip painting with them!! Ill show you my pic, its pretty much the coolest thing ever!!!! hahah im pretty proud of it!!! Well that is about it for this week!!! Love you all family!!! Wish me luck in my new area!!! Love you all!!! Bless up
Elder Little


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