February 27, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Well dam....

I want to start this email taking things back to before my mission when california was "dying for water", everyone remember that, well apparently I am the Rain man literally the Dam here broke, there is to much water here!!! We couldnt even go out and proselyte because half of our area was yeah , this is the weakest drought ive ever seen, it literally dumps rain everyday, and I get drenched every day!!! Its the worst, and you already know people love just walking around in the rain, so there is tons of people to talk to....NOT!!! Its seriously dumping always!!! On the bright side, everything is green, so thats pretty cool, but yeah thats about it!!! This week I was doing some service at Angelo and Andrea Taracena's house, they are a newly married couple, and Angelo bet me i couldnt climb this massive tree, so i did it, and it was pretty sweet!! Ill send a picture, I was way up there, and then after the tree, they made the best lunch i think i have ever had, it was Carne asada, ribs, steak, 3 types of chicken, and tortillas, it was the bomb, i was so so full after!!! It was the highlight of the week!!! OOh and also last night RG3 had a welcome home party at the church, and that was pretty funny!! Anyways this week We were able to have an awesome lesson with Juan about the commandments. He really liked it, and he has been progressing over these last few weeks. We went around knocking doors, and no one was really interested, but we did hear some good stories. We were able to talk with Jorge this last week also. He is still having problems with his foot, but now he can walk! We are going back this week to teach him and his wife, Yuniva, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well Love you All, bless up and have a good week love you!!
Love Elder Little


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