January 9, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Stake Conference and two Firetrucks

So this week was pretty much the funniest week ever, so first off 100% of our investigators canceled on us this week (the usual) umm so we didnt teach a lesson this week, we have some set up for next week, but who knows, we also had stake conference this week and a solid like 14 ward members showed up to that!!! On saturday it was Mario Estrada's birthday, (less active family)  and he invited us to his party, so that was awesome, he was turning 10, we go and teach lessons over there a ton, they have 3 kids, xochitl, natalia, and mario. They are the best family!! I love them, his party was super fun, we got to play with the kids and it was awesome, they all called us the businessmen!! So that was awesome, super fun. We also had a dinner with a family in the ward, and Elder Gifford does not do heat whatsoever, but i told him if he ate this chili pepper, i would buy him a shake at fosters freeze, so he takes a bite out of this pepper, and he is dying, he drank probably half a gallon of milk, but he is lactose intolerant, so he threw up like 2 gallons of stuff bc of this pepper, it was pretty dang funny, and then i had to take a bite out of the pepper bc i made him eat it, and that bad boy was hot!!!! it burned my mouth so so so bad!!!!! p.s. i did indeed buy him a shake from fosters freeze the next day!!!So now the funny story so Elder Orgill and i decide we need to pick up some trash bc we had a ton of trash laying around, so i decided im going to burn it all, bc i didnt want to pick it up,plus fires are dope, so i pack tons of trash into our fireplace, just like wrappers and boxes and newspaper, and i light it on fire and this bad boy explodes!!!!! bc Elder Orgill accidently closed the lid to the fireplace and he thought he opened it!!!! there is now fire everywhere, smoke is going everywhere, but i jump into action and i put out the fire but smoke is seriously everywhere, and the fire alarms are going ham, so then we fan out our apartment. and the fire alarms turn off, but like 2 mins later firemen show up running into action to put out the fire, 2 firetrucks are now at our apartment, ooh and we had to explain everything, it was pretty much the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life!! I was probably laughing for about 3 days straight, and our apartment still smells like barbecue!!! It was the funniest day of the mission so far!!! It was a pretty good week, Love you all!!! Bless up from Tracy California!!
Love Elder Little!!!


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