November 28, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Thanksgiving Week!

This week was pretty good.We have been making some progress with our investigators, they bailed on some lessons this week but we keep making new appointments and once they finally show up for one, oh man, they're gonna love it. But we still keep preparing and invite a lot of people to #LightTheWorld.
So if anyone hasn't watched the new video and been getting ready to do the challenges throughout December, I highly recommend that you do. It's a initiative and think it's going to make missionary work bumpin.

So thanksgiving was kinda weird. It really didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all. At one point during the day I was like oh yeah, I would be eating right now. Dang. But that was pretty much it. I wonder if that's how Christmas will be. Maybe just cause it doesn't snow here? We will see I guess. But we had some salsa turkey hoagies. It was weird. No mashed potatoes or rolls or pie or anything, but hey there was turkey so it was fine. It was a really good meal, just not thanksgiving. We were very grateful nonetheless.

Umm so this sunday night E. Orgill and i had a lesson with some prospective investigators, and so its 2 families, one is from mexico, and its a mother and her son and the other is a family straight from venezuela, they speak 0 english and are going through a really rough time right now, so its the perfect time to introduce the gospel and they were super interested last night so we added 7 new investigators last night, it was the best night of my mission, it was my first member present lesson, and also the first investigators i have added, it was seriously the best!!! It was the best, and everyone is giving us like super big props this week for that!!! haha umm ooh and we found out this week how to make darts out of pens and sewing needles, so we mad a dart board and some darts, it was pretty sweet, ill put a picture of us playing with them in the email!!! it was seriously like the first successful week i have had on my mission so that is sweet, other than that it was a pretty usual week!!! Love you guys like crazy!! Love you!!!!!

Love Elder Little


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