November 21, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Last week of Transfers

Hey so this letter will probably be pretty short because it was a SUPER SLOW WEEK!!!!! So this week, we planned to have a big open house and all the wards passed out all these flyers and everything, and everywhere we contacted we handed out flyers, and we had members show up to talk about the different parts of the church building, and a grand total of 0 people showed up..... so yeah that was embarrassing..... the biggest problem we have right now is getting people to be motivated, because everyone we teach and all the members were pretty much all catholics and never went to church, so they dont think that they really need to go to church or anything, so yeah thats a problem!!! umm also this week we had our ward Thanksgiving party!!! so that was really cool!!! and the Hermanas had a baptism this week, a 12 yo named Damien, hes a good kid, and his dad is a less active so hopefully he comes back to church but he hasnt been to church in 20 years and he doesnt really want to all that badly!!!! SO thats that!!! umm also this week, is the last week of transfers and Im not going anywhere, so ill at least finish my training with Elder Orgill, and he will Finish his training this next transfer as well, so technically we are training each other this transfer!!! so thats pretty cool!!!! umm thats really about it, im sad tho, Elder Gifford got transferred to Ceres and so i wont be seeing him anymore :(:(:( so thats sad, but this transfer will be good!!! umm thats about it for this week!!!! I love you all!!!!!!
Love Elder Little 


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