April 13, 2020


New Martinsville, West Virginia


Elder Childers

Spooky Scary Skeletons!!

Hey friends!
Sorry for not sending an email last week! We were busy fighting Satan... I'll tell that story later in the email.
But, holy smokes...How good was General Conference? I loved it all! Then the worldwide fast on Friday, with everyone fasting, even people of different religions joined! I'm positive that it's not going to go unseen by our Heavenly Father! 
This past week was full of miracles!
Yes, our normal activities or whatever has stopped, but miracles have not stopped. They will never stop! Some days seem soooo long and boring, even when we are working hard, but being able to look back on your day and recognizing the tender mercies and miracles that happen in our daily lives is such a blessing. It's hard sometimes because how many good weeks can we have sitting here and working in isolation? Faith keeps me going!! I'm glad I like my companion, or else I would have gone crazy by now haha. 
We went to this park last Monday. Everything is starting to bloom and all the trees are turning green. It was super pretty! There were people catching some large mouth bass. That made me miss fishing. I might get me a cheap pole at Wally World so I can go fishing haha. There were frogs everywhere, and baby snapping turtles as small as a quarter. I love the Spring!
Okay, so remember how our house is haunted? The doors and cupboards would open and close. The ghost and I became good friends, Jk...but, we blessed the house and it all stopped! Ever since we did that, Elder Childers started having sleep paralysis episodes. They are spooky from what he tells me. He says that when it happens, he is awake but cannot move. He tries screaming but nothing works. He said each time was scarier and scarier. I'm like okay enough, you are freaking me out haha. So I gave him a blessing and then we cast out the spirit! Since we did that nothing has happened and we dont have a eerie feeling about the house anymore! We are in a apartment house, like 2 apartments in one house. We gotta tell our neighbors to stop playing with the ouija board haha. Jk
We had Zone Conference on Zoom, this past week. We talked a lot about enduring to the end! This applies perfectly, because the normal man doesn't like change, but that's the only thing we know about our future is that there is going to be change! This Coronavirus has changed our lives a ton! We just need to accept the change! Because enduring to the end means we need to be constantly changing and becoming better!
That's all for this week:)
Thanks for reading this far. Send me a email so I have something to do!
Love you all to the moon and back!
Elder Boyer 
Oh Happy Easter:) It's easy to forget about holidays out here haha!


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