March 9, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

Be happy!!!

Hey friends!
This week was so much fun! Since we dont have a car we can’t t cover our whole area. The closest person we are teaching is Miranda and she is 4 miles away from our apartment. So this week we did lots and lots of tracting. I've never had so much fun tracting! We just had fun with it! We did what my brother told me to do! We had a Book of Mormon picture book, we knocked on the door and one of us would start talking and the other would open to a random picture in the book and the one talking had to go off the picture and bring Christ into their lives! It worked really well! Its like the pictures were meant for each person we talked to! Most of them were super nice! Yeah some weren't accepting but more than we thought were! Hopefully we can have some return appointments! Not having a car has been a blessing so far! Other than when Elder Moore whines and says his legs hurt haha. When we had a car we would not even think of going to the closer houses! I don't know when we will get our car back. Either they'll fix it or get us another one! All I know is it's your tithing money:) Thanks and keep paying your tithing! They said probably next Wednesday we will find out! 
Other than walking a ton our land lady has put in a whole new kitchen and bathrooms! She and her guys are are painting all the walls and started tearing up the living room! Our apartment is going to be nice! 
That's all for this week! I've been loving it and we have been working really hard! Transfers are on the 18th so I'll be getting a new comp soon! For those of you who read this far, remember to have a good attitude about everything! Good attitude produces Good results!Trust in the Lord’s timing!
Good things are coming!
Love y'all. Email me back if you'd like!
Elder Boyer


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