March 2, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore


Hey friends!
This week we had Zone Conference in Pembroke Virginia. I learned so much about the different ways the Spirit works! Since then I have appreciated it more when I feel The Spirit when we teach! We dont teach, The Spirit does! People learn a lot more when The Spirit is there to testify of Christ and the truth of our words! Oh and I got my driving privileges!!!
This week we have started teaching 2 new families. Between the 2 families there are 7 kids! If we get them to church it would double our primary and deacons quorum! Hopefully everything works out!
Elder Moore was sick Saturday so we took things slow! We studied a ton! I looked back to when I first was a missionary. I have grown so much! Like the way I study now I get so much more out of what I'm studying in. My testimony has grown immensely! Especially my faith! As I have been on my mission so far, I've met so many awesome people! One recurring theme that happens, is that they will start to learn about the gospel, but the moment they find any kind of opposition or anti-doctrine, they immediately throw everything they have come to know, out the window... But if we take the combined advice of Nephi and Jeffrey R. Holland and "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and 2 Nephi 31:20."Press forward" beyond our struggles, we ALL can and will recieve a answer to our questions, but it is in God’s time!
Now for the interesting part...
Sunday we had a dinner appointment at the Branch President’s house. On our way home we were listening to some gospel music and talking about what type of music we like. Elder Moore is driving, comes around the corner and is on a straight away. There is another curve in the road and I see that he wasnt slowing down or turning! I look over and he is asleep! I say "bro heads up"  and I reach over to steer back onto the road. By that time it was too late and we hit the rock wall! Only my airbag went off and it hurt soo bad! It didnt hit me fully because I was leaning over trying to steer! We are both totally fine! If I didnt turn the wheel a little bit we would've hit the rock wall straight on! But I did and we only hit the front right side! So it could have been a lot worse! We are blessed that it wasnt worse! It could've been a cliff or another car! But the car is totaled :( and now I have to wait longer to get to drive :(
It made for a long night calling the cops and President Newman and the people we needed to call. Elder Moore got mad at me for laughing haha
We are safe! But some consider it unlucky because I could be chillin in the Celestial Kingdom right now! haha 
That's all for this week!
 Love y'all!
Drive safe!
Email me :)
<3 Elder Boyer


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