February 17, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

Valentines week ❤️

Hey friends!
I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day! I am in the Bible belt and there are tons of different churches with tons of different billboards saying “hey come to our church.” But I saw this one on Valentines day and it said "Ask Jesus to be your Valentine, His love is eternal" haha I loved it!
This week we were super busy! We invited 3 new people come to church and they came! It was crazy, we usually have 25 people at church. But I guess people needed Jesus in their lives because the attendance was 52! Everyone finally has been getting over the flu and all their sicknesses. Most of them were less actives! We just need to keep getting them back to church! Miranda's fiance Lucious came to church again! He also sat in our lessons with Miranda without us asking! Hopefully we can start teaching him!
So the other day some of our plans fell through, so we decided to go tracting. We prayed and picked out the area we were going to do. The first door we knock on. No answer but we hear an old lady laughing inside. Kinda creepy, so we went to the next house. This guy opens the door and invites us in. His mom is in a hospital bed in the kitchen. Anyway we started talking to them. We come to find out that she is almost completely deaf. She asks who we are so we tell her that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She didnt hear us so the guy that was there yelled it to her, and she still didnt hear haha. So he yelled again. She didn't hear again haha. So this time he cupped his hands around her ears and screamed "THEY ARE JESUS CHRIST". We were like noooo.... we represent Him but we are not Him! But obviously she didnt hear us. The old lady said with a tear in her eye "will you pray for me that I can be saved" so we said a prayer and were leaving. We open the door and their dog is staring at us and just pukes and it splashes on Elder Moore’s shoes! Haha we decided to go do something else! That was probably the weirdest experience  I have had so far haha.
Dont want to make this too long, but we might put 2 new people on date for baptism this next week!
I saw this quote and I loved it:
"If today you are a little better than you were yesterday then that's enough." -Elder David A Bednar. That’s what I have been trying to do! Each day I work on something that needs improvement! I can see how much I have grown just from doing that! I challenge you to set a goal daily and accomplish it that day. Obviously don't set a big goal, just a little one that will help you grow and become a better person! Oh the blessings you will be able to see if you are a little better today than you were yesterday!
Hope everyone had a good week!
Love y'all 
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Peace outty
Love- Elder Boyer


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