February 3, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

Keep the Commandments!!

Hey friends!
This week was really fast,for me at least. haha. Last Wednesday we tracted the edge of our area in this little town called War. We knocked on the first house and 4 random stray dogs come out of nowhere up on the porch with us. It was annoying dealing with them while we were trying to talk to the person about Jesus haha. We decided to drive around the block because we weren't gonna deal with those dogs haha. We get out and 5 new dogs are right there to welcome us! We just decided to go to the other side of town haha. We met this one guy who is 87 years old! He told us his whole life story! It was cool, from what I could hear...He had 1 tooth and it was hard to understand him. He was the most racist guy I have ever met! I've never heard the N word more in my life! 
We had District Counsel, Elder and Sister Grant are the elderly missionaries in our area. They are really cool! Elder Grant updates me on how the Jazz are doing haha. After we had exchanges with the Princeton elders, I was with Elder Holland this time. We met with people who they have already been teaching! All of them offered to feed us. It's too hard to say no, so we ate a lot haha. We had lessons that went really well! We got 2 new people committed to come to church on Sunday! Our check engine light was on so we went to go figure all that out at the dealership. There was a lot of people there. It took about 2 hours but we had the chance to talk to some people! Some of them seemed interested! The kids were watching Spongebob so I went and played with them and watched Spongebob with them haha!
The most annoying thing as a missionary is when we have a good talk with someone. We explain The Book Of Mormon and how its like the Bible. We explain a bunch of stuff and ask them if they would like a Book Of Mormon. Then they say no it's okay I already have a Bible! Its frustrating haha but that's okay it's not the end of the world!
One more thing, Alma 32:21 I encourage you to read and ponder this scripture! It talks about what Faith is! We need to recognize how strong our faith is! We can always pray to have more faith! That is something we can all work on! Then we also need to act on our faith! That will help us keep growing! I like this quote, "Expect a miracle!". This doesnt mean go around and do dumb stuff.  But as long as we are in tune with The Spirit, we will know what is right and act on that faith we have, we will be able to do His will!
That's all for this week!  I hope everything is well wherever y'all are in the world!
Watch out for that Wuhan Coronavirus going around!
Oh we started to do Facebook live lessons! Make sure to tune in on those! They are awesome! Also you can give us some ideas on what to talk about!
Love y'all...keep moving forward!
If you email me, it's almost guaranteed I'll email you back!
 Peace outty-
Elder Boyer


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