January 27, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

The Church is true!!

Hey friends!
This has been another really fast week! This week Miranda and I taught Elder Moore about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was there to help her but she did amazing! She knows so much! She was asking questions and everything! Oh, and her fiance came and sat in on that lesson. I never met him before that, and he's a pretty cool guy! He said he'll go with Miranda to church next week! That was easy haha...hopefully he likes it! It is fast and testimony meeting next week and Miranda is going to go up and bare her testimony in front of her fiance! Hopefully that goes well! 
It was Elder Moores birthday on Wednesday, also the day of our "car fast" (mission wide, the missionary’s cant drive our cars on this day to save on mileage). Well in Welch, and with the people we are teaching, everything is so spread out. The closest person we are teaching is Miranda and she is 5 miles away... and we don't have bikes. So we deep cleaned our car, and it looks so much better without coal dust on it. All we did was knock on doors on Wednesday and it was very unsuccessful! We had institute at the church so we walked there and the Branch President’s wife is the teacher. But she had a surprise bday party for Elder Moore. That was fun! Like the whole branch came to celebrate! 
We went to Oceana and that is where the cakery is. The lady that owns it is a member and she treats us well! Elder Moore got a b-day cake. I’m not a cake guy, but that was a pretty good cake haha. She put a bunch of goodies in a box for us to take home. I'm not complaining haha.Oh we also walked up on a drug deal Haha. They told us to get out of there or they are calling the cops. So we left, but I was thinking "ok, call the cops and you go to jail or I could call the cops and you go to jail". Haha I got a good laugh from that! I am 99% sure it was drugs because there was some pill bottles and a couple baggies filled with stuff. Anyways, that was exciting. 
We went on exchanges with the Princeton Elders again. One of the Elders is from Cali and doesn't have a driver's license so I got to drive for the first time in 2 months! It was pretty weird! It's not like Utah roads either, there are lots of 1 way roads and it was pouring. Good thing I'm a good driver! 
I love the people here! Im grateful for all the spiritual experiences I am having! Also, the funny ones too! There is no other place I'd rather be! Thanks for all the emails!
I love em.
That's all for this week.
Love y'all
Peace outty!
-Elder Boyer


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