January 13, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

Good ol’ Welch...

Hey friends!
Just wanted to say that Brittany is going strong! We call her and send her scriptures every day! The more support she has, the better! I also asked her to be baptized! (You have to be at least 3 weeks clean) She said yes! So fingers crossed she doesn't pick up that cigarette again!
Elder Moore and I send her little videos on how cigarettes hurt your body haha!   I love Monday's! Not only do I get to call home but I love getting emails from everyone! I love seeing how much my friends have changed/grown from being on their missions. I got my haircut this week. Unlike everything expensive back at home, the barber was only $10 haha. I was only a little nervous because he was smoking while he was cutting my hair. I still look good so we dont have to worry!! It was a good haircut!
Something funny, so we have been meeting with Miranda. She is really poor and can barely afford anything. She can’t get baptized until after her wedding because she lives with her boyfriend. Anyway the baptism was supposed to be a week after the wedding in April, but that is the week I am most likely going to be transferred and we told her that. She came up with this brilliant idea! Her wedding is conference Saturday and she wants me to baptize her. So she wants to get married and have her baptism on the same day, getting baptized in between sessions! That would be pretty cool! We got that all approved so that is the plan for now haha! I did my first ever blessing to the sick! The little girl has had the flu for a week and a half and can barely walk. Like she is scary sick! She got out of the hospital and hasn't been out of bed in 3 days. The hospital is horrible here! I bet I know more than the doctors do because they aren't the brightest haha. Anyway we went to her house after church and I gave her a blessing. I was nervous because this was my first one. I started talking and words kept coming out of my mouth. I didnt just say you are healed, but I know Elder Boyer does not use that vocabulary haha. It was nuts! I know that was truly the Spirit speaking through me. I love it here! I know West Virginia is where I am supposed to be at this time or else I wouldn't be having the experiences that I am having! Not much else happened this week.If you ever find yourself in WV dont ask for directions haha you'll be even more lost that you already are haha
Love y'all.  Email me back!
Love, Elder Boyer


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