December 30, 2019


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

Week 6...of many!!!

Hey hey hey!
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that emails me! It makes my week a whole lot better:)
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! This week went by super fast I feel like. Christmas was super weird! It didnt feel anything like Christmas, because no family and no presents. Nobody lets us in on Christmas Eve and Christmas day because they are doing family stuff. So Elder Moore and I go around saying Merry Christmas and hand out candy canes. Even though I haven't received my presents from the mission home yet, it was cool because I got to do some service and help people and I definitely felt the blessings come from it. I got to call home and say Hi to all the family. I'm sure you all know if you follow my mom, I’m sure she posted about it haha.
That night we had Christmas dinner at a members. Let me tell ya, one of the best meals I've ever had! No offense to your cooking, Grams, but 2 of the ladies are professional cooks and have been on the Food Network. So they're kind of a big deal here in small town, Welch. They own a little bakery here and they give missionaries free sweets and they are delicious. Everything they made for Christmas was amazing! My dad would be jealous on how well they are at cooking haha. Not a lot happened this week but we got to go to Virginia for District Counsel. It was really pretty there and it was nice to get out of this crammed little valley. I gave my first talk on Sunday! I usually am not a fan of giving talks but this one was easy! It was only in front of 25 people haha. Not like back home where all the wards are like a million people. The talk was on how can we become more christlike, so it was super easy. We can all become a little more Christlike; especially since it's the new year and we can make it our goal to try to do something Christlike everyday.
We were able to meet with Miranda this week. She is on date for baptism after she gets married in April. She is super poor but very smart! She knows a lot! She read 31 chapters in the BOM on Thursday! That's insane! I wish all of my investigators can do that! After we met with her we were leaving and Elder Moore opened the door and accidentally smashed her cat. (The cats name is Elder because we named it that) but the door broke its leg! He felt so bad! I thought it was hilarious but I tried so hard not to laugh! Its okay, we went to the vet and the guy put on the cast for $10. It was put on so horribly, I had to readjust it haha. Everything is okay and we took Miranda some leftover cake we had. 😊
I love it here and I cant wait for more stories to tell! 
That's all for this week.
Love you all, and I'd love it even more to get an email back!

Peace outty-
Elder Boyer 


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