December 7, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Staley

Week 3

Hey everyone!
This week my companion and I have been given a lot of opportunities to teach. We met with this one girl from Texas and she has the best accent! I love it. We have met with her 3 times and we had her say the prayer yesterday at the end of our lesson, and she asked to know if what we were telling her was true. Elder Staley and I felt The Spirit so strongly! After that, she said that she had never felt that feeling before and she was so happy. She started crying. It was insane! Our lessons are getting better and better! Only 2 more weeks of this. I still love it here! Last Sunday I got called to be Zone Leader and that is fun. I got to give some blessings and we got to welcome the new missionaries into my zone. They were soooooo nervous and exhausted. There is this new elder, he is the backup quarterback for Weber state. He is pretty big but you can tell he thinks he so cool, haha. I still can beat him in basketball. It's hard to sleep because Elder Mann snores in and out. But this one elder left on Wednesday and he gave me a full bottle of Melatonin haha. Let me tell ya I feel so much better! Who ever says it feels like a prison here is a liar! I love it here and I have grown so much!!! I have been trying to get to know someone new every day because people are from everywhere! I've made so many friends! Everyone is so nice here! We just joke around and quote movies all the time! Not much else has happened this week. My mom sent me a Christmas tree and a gingerbread house and the elders in my district think my mom is the best because all the treats she sends! Gotta love her! I just can't wait to get out and teach the people of West Virginia!
Anyway I hope everyone is doing well!
I'd love to hear from ya.
Love you all!
> -Elder Boyer


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