November 11, 2019

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Dianne Sullivan

The Mormon Cabin at John Marshall State Park

Elder and Sister Patten,

Hi, we were in Coloma at John Marshall State Park today and found out that the members of the Mormon Battalion were instrumental in the building of the mill here which led to the discovery of gold.

I had no idea that there had been a Mormon Battalion and then after their service they were hired by John Marshall to help in building a sawmill up in Coloma to provide lumber for Sutter’s Fort.

Anyway during the building of the mail there gold was discovered.

The Mormons had quite a history in the area. This is the Mormon cabin at the park. A cabin like this was built in Jan 23, 1848 by members of the battalion. This cabin is staffed & maintained by Mormon volunteers. I wanted to send you a picture of them in their period dress.

A cabin like this was built on January 23, 1848 by members of the battalion. This cabin is staffed and maintained by Mormon volunteers in period dress.

They were very informative about the Mormon Battalion and their historic role in the area. We really enjoyed our day there.

I enjoyed the video you sent me. Doug did a great job!

We just saw Janet in a play called The Humans on Saturday. She was amazing as always. I’ve tried to keep in touch with Katie & LaVerne also & all is well with them. Mark & I are doing fine. We’re all settled into our new home & are loving it. The big news is that our son Patrick is getting married!!! He found a wonderful Christian girl. God is good!



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