September 1, 2019


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Two Eye-Opening and Humbling Experiences

We had two humbling experiences today.

The first occurred at the bus stop we went to, to catch the bus to “our” ward. Another fellow was also waiting at the corner to catch the same bus go to his church, a Catholic Church about halfway to our chapel. He told us that they don’t run as many buses on Sunday – in fact, they only run our bus, the number 10 line, once about every half hour.

We waited for about 20+ minutes. Mom and I were ready to walk back the other direction about eight blocks to the Avenida Santa Fe, and catch the #59 bus, because it was getting late. The app “Como Llego” showed that there didn’t seem to be any #10 buses reporting in. The man we were standing by assured us that one would come.

Just as Mom and I were ready to give up and walk to the #59 bus stop, the #10 bus arrived at last. What a lesson in faith and patience. We also appreciated the kindness of the man on the corner.

The second experience was attending an English Connect class, held in the Congreso meetinghouse, where we had attended services this morning.

The class we attended and helped out in was one of three English Connect classes going on simultaneously – two on the beginning level (English Connect 1), and one on the intermediate level (English Connect 2). Englsih Connect 3 is taught mostly on-line.

When a student finishes English Connect 3, he or she can get college credit and are also eligible to apply to the BYU-Idaho Pathways program.

Most of the students, including adults and youth, work hard in their studies and classes. It was humbling to witness how challenging it was for them to communicate even the basic sounds in another language. Learning English is difficult and challenging, but a vital thing to master to compete in the job market here.

The students are supposed to put in an hour a day on preparing. When they come to class, they are so willing to help each other and to share. They even shared with us their refreshments. One young lady broke in half a prized, coconut cookie to share with Mom.

We love the Argentine people!


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