November 14, 2016




Elder Mortensen

The Fiery Phoenix Reborn

Man if the mission wasn't good before, it is definitely getting better. I am loving it so recently we just had the music rule revoked! What a blessing. I have been rising from the ashes to a new stage and type of missionary work. I have a purpose again and I feel like I belong. Satan works hard to destroy the individuals that preach the gospel. If we aren't careful and sensitive to the Holy Ghost, we may lose some precious friends a long the way. I like to say we have been working off all our fat recently. Without anything on I way 140 lbs. I have gone up in weight, but not by as much as I have presumed.

P-days are as boring as ever. The best part is always emailing, but the hard part is always finding a certain miracle that stuck out to you. I think everyone who is a returned missionary would agree. So this last week we almost had a baptism, but our date said she wasn't ready. We know why she feels this way and we are pretty sure that we can help her. She seems attached to her old church and we are pretty sure she hasn't felt the spirit, but we are confirming that tonight.

We tried to go on a temple trip with her as well, on Tuesday but that didn't work out. As we went throughout the week we think her confidence or faith dwindled. We are not sure. I think some of my highlights of this week was trying to find new investigators. We have been trying to brake out of our shells again. It has been a blast he makes me think of me as a trainee. Tons of energy, wants to talk a lot, but doesn't know the language. It has been fun.

We were able to have Zone Meeting on Thursday, which was good. One of our goals is setting better expectations. We are going to work on that throughout this week. We actually had a fantastic night the other night as we tried contacting everything insight. The hardest part is changing it to gospel topics. It is a task, but I am willing to accept it. Transition should be one of my strengths and if it isn't now the lord will help me through it. Evil will not avail!

The scariest part of this week is that someone nearly stole our bikes. It actually was a miracle that our Zone Leaders called us to tell us about the theft taking place. We were able to save the bikes and there was only minor damage. We haven't slowed down thought. We have been continuously on the hunt for investigators. We found new people the other day which was great. We are currently working with Joe and Maria. They are a single mother and her son. They are cool and we just have to keep in good contact with them these upcoming days.

I have two songs that go hand and hand right now one is "dreams and disasters" the other is "galaxies".

Dreams and Disasters
"Follow the light through the dreams and disasters! Follow the light to the edge and the after. We won't turn around we will not slow down. Follow the light through the dreams and disasters!"

"Dear God I was terribly lost when the galaxies crossed and the sun went dark. Dear God your the only North Star I'll follow this far."

Now Galaxies refers to the past experiences I have been trying not to relive. It has reminded me that I must look to God for he is the reason I am out here serving. He is the one that cares about my talents and my abilities. He wants me to use them to the best of my abilities no matter what circumstance.

Dreams and Disasters... the truth is we all have moments where life is like a dream and then we may have other moments where life just sucks. We just have to follow the light which is Jesus Christ and he will provide the safety and peace we need and provide. We will follow him to the edge where life gets hard and challenges become real. We won't turn around because of what people say, we will not lose faith and stop doing what we have been taught to do. We have learned that salvation comes through Jesus Christ. It is by his name and only his name that we are save. So let us try our best to save each other and lift those that don't feel like they belong. We have the duty and the privilege of searching out the one. So how will you find the one?

Your fiery and faith filled friend,
Elder Richards


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