October 31, 2016




Elder Mortensen

6 Weeks and Counting

How should I start my letter today? With a question? ........

Yeah, that'll work. I am probably happier today than I have been for the last 6 weeks. What a paradoxical nightmare. I don't want to go into details because it was terrible for me and I don't want to get you worried. Last week was actually looking up as I was able to play basketball on P-day and that was pretty fun. It has been a long time since I ran like that. We played with a bunch of Zone Leaders and stuff. The trio ended that day though as Elder Villarreal got a training call as training meeting was on Tuesday. He actually now is in San Gabriel South as a District Leader and white wash. It has been happening a lot recently.

We actually had a fantastic week this last week as we have been teaching a family called the Rodriguez family. They are practically already members as they are committed to live many of the principles that we have taught them. Unfortunately I don't get to teach them anymore either because I got transferred as well. So what happened is that Elder Saunders is staying as Zone Leader. You already know about a Elder Villarreal. Elder Mortensen and Elder Maere are the other two elders in Pomona. Elder Maere was actually training Elder Mortensen. Now I am training Elder Mortensen. I did it! I am finally a father or at least a step father. It was one of my dreams and to have one of them complete actually took away a lot of my sadness and misery.

Elder Maere went to El Monte South to be a Zone Leader there with Elder Nava. I miss that place so much. I feel like my heart got imbedded there as that was my favorite part of my mission. I am now in Pomona North with Elder Mortensen and we are going to have a blast for my last transfer. He makes me think a lot of myself. He is from Ohio and enjoys playing video games. I he also knows a bunch of cool facts about random things. It just has helped me return to my healthy self and I will be even healthier as I am riding bikes again. Hooray! He also is a big bike wiz as well.

Wednesday I had a great exchange with Elder Bickmore and Elder Huang. They have been struggling recently together as neither of them talk much to people. It was kind of like working with robots. I was able to get them to open up a bit, but it seems to be a running trend throughout the mission. Missionaries are not reaching out. We aren't showing our talents we aren't trying to be ourselves. To be honest I feel I forgot who I was as I don't really know who I will be in 6 weeks. I believe that is my greatest fear of what will become of everything I learned on my mission. I try not to think about it too much, but it is still there.

Saturday was a good day as we did service for an investigator. It was an opportunity to open my eyes a bit to show me how much God does care for his children. It was cool. Sunday was a pretty lazy day because we were going crazy about transfer calls Saturday night and didn't get much sleep. It was unfortunate for me as I ended up getting food poisoning that day during dinner. We went to the next house and I basically heaved my guts out. That was quite terrible as I literally collapsed. I felt so weak and when I came out of the bathroom I was as pale as a ghost. A happy Halloween fright for everyone there.

I ended up on the couch trying to regain strength. The father of the member family gave me some remedies as he rubbed alcohol on my feet and then a peppermint cream. I literally had to be supported to walk out the car. It was a terrible experience, but it happened to test me and those around me. I am now one of the oldest missionaries left on the mission. I am so tired, but I hope Elder Mortensen can help me go out on a good note. The end is nigh and we must be ready for it.

Your fellow dragonslayer,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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