September 12, 2016


Buena Vista


Elder Arnett

The Bright Hope of Tomorrow

Welcome to Tomorrowland! Well not really.... But it was worth a shot. I think that it provides an interesting insight the idea of Tomorrowland. It is a place where everything is better and more technologically advanced. Basically what we do today creates a brighter future for tomorrow. It is a good concept and provides a lot of happiness.

To be honest it didn't seem like we did much this week. We had a ton of meetings and progress in missionary work has stayed the same. Bike work is always fun though as I have to learn new stuff every day. Recently I have been working on getting Bike Alarms and Sister bars for the mission. We are going to begin installation of the Bike Alarms soon, we are going to organize a day with president to do so. I think we are now going to do it in a MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) according to one of the assistants. I am pretty sure that would be the best as well, then we could get a grasp of what leadership would think of these alarms.

I am pretty sure that I will be here for another transfer...... That is not confirmed, but it is what it looks like especially with all the new developments in the bike industry. To be honest it has been interesting as I have been starting from ground zero again. I have been learning the small and simple things of bike work and missionary work all over again. Everyone knows that the bike phone is basically my personal phone. It is kind of funny actually. I have wanted to be an assistant in the past and right now I basically am one. I just don't have the responsibility that they do, which is I pretty nice. I'd probably stress out to much if I was one.

Our ward is doing well as they just redid the mission plan for the end of the year. We also had a cool guy we met and dropped this week because of failures on our part and his. We really haven't done much this week. We did have Zone meeting in which we talked about dropping people and teaching small messages. I think my favorite part is after the meeting. I had been planning out with some sisters this week to celebrate Hermana Ashby and Elder Garcia Sanchez's birthday this week. It was cool as they both felt really special afterwards and they enjoyed the cake and Ice cream.

We will just say the struggle is real, but the daily battles of the soul are usually the best battles fought and the most battles won. I have gone back somewhat to writing a bit in stories I have as I kind of am bored most of the time. Probably is because I am tired of the missionary way of life or maybe it is just because it is P-day. P-days are truly boring now.... Anyways as Legolas said, "I feel something a slight tingling in my fingers, I think it is affecting me." Hmmm... #Trunky? Hopefully not. Or as Gandalf said to Pippin and I am going to paraphrase it, "you'll see white wings, a new horizon everything in white." Hmmm...... Yep trunkiness confirmed. Until December then........

Your hilariously bored friend,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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