September 5, 2016


Buena Vista


Elder Arnett

Is the Mission Happy?

Hmmmmm......... I have been thinking about things recently and something that has seemed to pop-up is happiness. It is also because the Zone Leaders were asking the other day if everyone was happy. It is hard to say now. We are happy when we are working, but are we happy otherwise. Recently in a district leader training meeting they asked for ideas on what to do in for district activities. The best answer was sleep, the only other suggestion was cook something. Literally, I believe we as missionaries are all out of ideas for the mission.

With the wear of time I think we are all tired. I also believe it might be hard for some of us to care anymore. I am just trying to look at what I can learn still. It is hard as well as I still want to care for the rules, but sometimes I am just kind of done. It just doesn't feel like it lasts or maybe I am not enjoying it. Whatever it be, it has been a weird experience. I have decided to start writing a bit more too, Revelations, stories, and my journal as well.

We are seeing miracles in our area though as we are finding people like crazy. One of our favorite phrases as missionaries is "investigators are popping out of the wood work." It is because it is in the district videos for missionaries. We were able to have a bunch of miracles happen this week. We had a random person call us about English classes. We started them again and started teaching her the gospel as well. We took her on a church tour after English classes, which was fun. We also had someone come to church saying she is ready for baptism as well. We aren't going to force it on her, but we are definitely going to see what her doubts are. I just feel weary, which kind of sucks as it just makes you realize how much of your mission has pasted by. I am looking forward to another long week. Love you guys! Thanks for your support.

Your weary traveler,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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