August 29, 2016


Buena Vista


Elder Arnett

Let's Blow this Joint!

I literally feel like my subject. These people that I have been working with have so much just weighing on them. We really can't get work done with a ward if they persist to be in this state. So literally we are going to push them hard so they take control of the situation, because I know they can. It has been a battle trying to get this area going as well because of many things that are not in place.

We are literally going to start building the area now as the bike situation looks better. We are trying to keep pushing for improvement. From both sides and we are going to see what crazy ideas we can come up with. I really like working with Elder Arnett although he is really quiet sometimes. He is one of the few that seems to be catching on to what I am seeing. We are going to "blow this joint" by working so hard that they have to run to keep up with us and keep the work going.

It had been pretty rough at the beginning of the week as the atmosphere of the Branch and Area were starting to hit me. I felt kind of incapacitated, but low and behold the might Zone Leaders went on exchanges with us and it is just what I needed to keep going. I needed advice and love to know that I am supported in doing this great work. It is very hard when you are the only one pushing the cart along. Elder Nava, our Zone Leader, was able to help me rally my strength to do this work. We are going to get things done even if we die trying(which probably won't happen).

Now this weekend was a blast as we had a seventy come to our stake. Elder Wilde and it is pretty crazy because I believe he has a granddaughter in this mission. Luckily she isn't in our zone so she didn't see him, but I am pretty sure he went to see her at some point.

President loves having me as his talk advisor. So I get to read and correct his talk and form it in a way others can understand. It was pretty neat that he has such a great trust in me to look over his talks. He always does a great job at helping us as missionaries become better. On Saturday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Garcia Sanchez, he is a new missionary of 3 weeks and I am a old missionary of 21 Months 😆. It was crazy to think that I was in his shoes. He had a blast though being with me as he learned a lot. He also gained a lot of confidence of what he needed to do. We then went to Stake conference that night because we got a less active to go. My favorite part of the Stake Conference was what Elder Wilde said which was, "Despite our very best intentions we will sometimes fall short. We mourn as we fall short of where we want to be, but we can become cleansed through the sacrament" it just really helped me understand that we can become better people all the time. We cannot complete every commitment or keep every promise, but one thing for sure is we do get credit for trying. It was a very spiritual day. There was also a lot of things said about marriage in the temple as well. That will be a glorious day. Anyways.... I am trying not to let it effect me and make me Trunky.

Love from the GreenDragon,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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