August 22, 2016


Buena Vista


Elder Arnett

Breaking the Paradoxical Nightmare

At long last I can breathe and feel normal again. My other letters mentioned how I have felt previously being very unhappy and angry. It literally has been like living in a Paradox where I am working, but not putting my full into it. Where I am happy, but yet I am miserable. The night has been lifted however and I can see light on the horizon.

The idea of why it was happening was simple. Repentance is real and if one doesn't repent the wrath of God will be kindled. That removes the basic protection that we receive of having the Holy Ghost "garnishing thy thoughts unceasingly." Satan then has full reign over what your world is. It basically turns into a living nightmare, but we won't go there.

On the other hand there have been leaps and bounds taken in advancing our bike technology. I personally like to call us the engineering team of the mission as we are the bike elders and have the responsibility to fix a lot of things. We actually know are under the vehicle coordinator because the bike is a vehicle. We basically are now one part of the structure that President Villanueva has design very well.

The other thing I have been learning basically has been the value of working in different areas of life. For example: it takes work to be in good shape. It also takes work to keep your house clean. It takes work to keep your bike in good repair. It is an interesting situation to always be working and hardly resting. It just really goes to show how lazy society has become as many people just don't care enough to work anymore. It also shows that we also are overworking ourselves as well and still aren't gaining anything.

This week has been a roller coaster as some days I was happy and other days I wasn't. Mainly it was because I was working a lot somedays and other days I sat in pure misery as my heart wasn't into working. We did a lot of bike work on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. I was actually on exchanges on Tuesday and had the opportunity to get the files on the bike elder email organized. We basically have to reboot the bike systems as we still are missing bikes and cannot find and we need to know where everything is at. It was good as we got at least three days of bike work done.

Thursday I learned how to install a bike rack, which was fun. We were able to do that for the El Monte STL's, Sister Ashby and Sister Schmutz, as their bike rack was made up of pieces. We also did a bike Alarm video again to push for it's approval. We are actually going to see a lot of progress with bikes this week and I am hoping Elder Arnett is learning fast.

Basically this week I am looking to have a better attitude about the work and being patient with our investigators. I learned the other day that we really have to complete our end of the deal to help them come along. Everyday we have to put in our best effort as well, while maintaining order and discipline. Our best effort can always improve as we go throughout the day so look for new ways to work.

Last comment is this is truly the Lords work. He doesn't want me out here to enjoy the pleasures of the world. He wants me to be disciplined to do his work. Nothing else matters until I am released as that is what he wants me to do right now. Sometimes we may ask him why so much, but we truly forget who gave his all for us. Let us all remember the reality of the savior more in our lives. I testify of his love and his need for us to do his work and I do so in his name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your hardworking and hard laboring son,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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