August 1, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Taylor


"And we'll watch the sky as it fills with life and though the embers are new whatever you do just don't let the fire die!" - Owl City

Well starting out this week we were very spiritual as we had some amazing lessons trying to help less actives come back to church. It is amazing how the laziness creeps into people and ruins their spirituality. They lose the fire and go out they take the easy road home. That is why I was reminded of this song by Owl City because we cannot let our light or other people's lights go out. It makes me think of Elder Anderson's talk "Faith is not by chance it is by choice." Their faith will grow brighter or weaker depending on how the missionaries and ward work to help them. If they don't do it together they will not be able to keep the fire going very long and their flame of faith will go out.

The next thing is what Jeffery R. Holland said a while back, ".... We need people already on the team to stay on it and stop dribbling out of bounds just when you have to get in there and play your hearts out." This has been our project for the last couple of weeks and slowly, but surely the giant machine of a ward is coming to life. "Though the embers are new whatever you do just don't let the fire die." Recently we have to mobilize the members as we are the more experienced and they are behind us all the way.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go on splits and encourage our Elders Quorum's first counselor to teach a lesson. He did very well as he was able to expound on his experience as a member. It really help the less active family we went to as they were friend in the past and they really were able to connect again. We have also been using Rolando to help us out as well. He is so fun to take out and work with as he loves the work and enjoys life as well.

Wednesday was a good day as we did supplies and made a worksheet for Spanish Class. It was a good opportunity to help people progress and understand more. It actually made the class go by faster and they all had something to study for later. It work as on Friday they realized they have to study and prepare for the classes in order to do well. It just makes it more effective and now they can show there friends

We had a great Saturday as I got to go with Elder Collings and it was amazing. I miss the opportunity to train someone I hope I can have the opportunity to do so. Sunday was good as well as we were able to coordinate things with the ward. The most interesting thing is when the men's bathroom that flooded. We had to clean it up with the bishopric. It was great hope you keep your faith alive and burning bright.

Your loyal friend and disciple,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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