July 25, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Taylor

The Awakening of a Dragon

It has been a wonderful change is week as we were able to change different attitudes and behaviors. It was a good week. I have been able to ponder the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave in the second to last session. It talked about the work of the good shepherd and that has been our week this week. We have been working with less actives this week as they have been our focus. It has been a good opportunity to increase in patience and wisdom.

We also had the opportunity to receive a cool referral from the bishop as this family was going to Orange County for church. It has been an adventure as she lives with her husband who doesn't really understand our religion. That is another mountain to tackle. She has been a Mormon basically all of her life since she grew up, but never baptized because the family was split religions. It should be easy as long as we can convince the husband and help him feel comfortable in the religion.

The hardest part about this week was talking to Hugo Perez as he basically told me straight up that he is thinking of going back to Mexico and returning to the evangelical church. That just really caught my attention I couldn't allow that type of apostasy. I basically started to tell him straight up that he cannot find truth or happiness anywhere else. It was rough, but I'd hate to see him lose that privilege of being an active full time member. It hurt me personally so I made it known unto him. He seemed to turn a deaf ear though at the end. It's sad because I feel that he converted to the church for the wrong reason or that his testimony is dead.

Friday was a better day for us as we were on exchanges. I got to go with Elder Alcaraz and it was a relief. I feel that sometimes you need time away from your companion just to see how everything works. We were able to organize ourselves a bit more and go out and do the work. I enjoyed the whole thing as we had some good success with helping a less active who got beat up and we found some cool people. We also have English classes on Fridays and Wednesday's. They are so much fun as we get to play games and create ways to help people learn English. Being perfect teachers of the gospel helps us be better teachers in all other aspects. This day was especially interesting as the sun turned orange from the ash from a fire. The wickedness of the people is showing. Apparently the fire is only 10% contained and has destroyed 18 houses already. Not good to fight fire when we don't have any water.

Sunday was another great day as we almost had a full ward council. We are working more in unison with the people there. It is our goal for this week to help members have the opportunity to help us. Anyways that is all for now. Hope you are all happy!

Your Fiery Dragon,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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