June 20, 2016


El Monte South


McCoy Rowley

Umm....... Did I do something wrong???

I am still confused on what is going on with this transfer so far. In this transfer I have had three companions. Yes, three my new companion came in on Tuesday and his name is Elder Taylor. We are from the same stake back home and Elder Rowley is gone. So to catch you up on what happened let us start on Friday of last week when we took Elder Elton home. When we got to Monday night after some great lessons. Elder Rowley gets the call from President that he will be an Assistant for his next transfer, which is his last one. Tuesday morning I met Elder Taylor who would be my new companion for the next two weeks of the transfer. In he words of C3P0 "I am so confused!"

Umm............. I really don't know what to say as we had a great Tuesday teaching lessons like mad. We were able to inspire so many people that night and they really understood what we taught them. I feel like the funniest part of that day was dinner as we were sitting outside a members house eating food and we hear a very vile song about Donald Trump. Hmm..... What do I have to look forward to when I go home? We ended up singing how firm a foundation to drowned out the lyrics of this song. The less active loved us singing with her and it was a great experience.

Wednesday was great as we literally were working all day. We got supplies for everyone from the office and the news was out at who was the next assistant. There were a total of 7 ET's (emergency transfer) in order to make that work. It is nuts as every zone was affected by this ET's. We have a recently returned missionary in our ward now who goes out with us as he is from chile. We were able to eat dinner with his family on Wednesday right before our English class. I was assigned to teach English class that day and it was so funny. Role-plays are the best when you are trying to practice something. We had a good time improving the English of everyone in the class as well as trying not to mix up our own.

Thursday we went on to have a great day after that as we had district meeting with the El Monte district, which consists of the lovely Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Escalante and Ashby, Elder Phillips and Elder Jackson, Elder Jackson being the District Leader and finally, Elder Taylor and myself. It was a great meeting I learned a lot and was edified.

During the rest of the day Rolando Recinos, the returned missionary I talked about earlier, he went out with us for the whole day. It was great as we were able to be in a trio in a sense. He was a great missionary as he has trained four times in his mission. We were able to help a recent convert prepare her gospel principles class and had a mini correlation with him. He currently has the calling to be the young men's president, but he also has the assignment to help with the missionary work. It was a great night as we have been working in the work of reactivation as the spirit has prompted me to. We haven't had much success working without the ward and right now the ward is in it's finest hour.

Our biggest problem recently is Sarahy didn't get the baptismal white signed before her baptism. That is causing a big problem and right now we are working on it with her and her mother. We explain to her mother what it was for and she said she would sign it. It was nice as we just used Moroni 6 as it has a great outline to how the church works. Friday was crazy as we had one of the better weekly planning's I have had throughout this transfer. We were able to outline each lesson very clearly. We have made it a thing to have lunch with the sisters before weekly planning.

Saturday we had exchanges with Elder Judd and Bernard. It was good as we went throw a rigorous training with both of them. It was great for us to help them prepare to work harder in there area. They needed an extra boost to help them work hard. Sunday was great day of 109 degrees outside. The heat was terrible, but we were able to organize a Mission plan and help the ward work together to know people.

Your friend and ally,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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