June 6, 2016


El Monte South


McCoy Rowley

The Refiners fire for the scorching of the soul

It has been the week where nothing is left. We had our baptism and now we are starting from scratch. Sarahy got confirmed this last week and it was a great experience. Difficulties still remain as we have to get her baptismal white signed by everyone to make her a member of the church. The beginning of this week was pretty good as we started with a fantastic P-day. We then had exchanges, which was really good.

Wednesday was tough as we received more rules. We had a fantastic MLC, but it was really tough as many rules were applied. It has been the biggest struggle and then we had a personal meeting with president. A lot of this week has been confidential as so many problems have just come from that incident. It has been a "scorched trial" for me and it really hasn't gotten any better. I really don't have much to say I am just hoping that my impurities are purged.

We had a good Zone Meeting or at least I thought so. We just really stressed how much it hurts when you do something disobedient. I hate being the end of that discipline. I don't know how much I can take. I can't seem to talk about anything good as I am always stuck in the bad. My question is how can I reflect of the Good I do?

One of my favorite parts in I went with Elder Scholes this week. I just felt like I could be myself and work hard. We were able to do some finding and talk to a lot of people. It has been a blessing to go on exchanges because I don't feel fooled or so official. I get to be myself.

Also with Elder Wheeler I was able to feel his love. He is just like my first companion. He had a lot of things in common with me and it just helped me boost my confidence. It has been a good experience knowing the zone more. I have to push through the darkness in order to reach the light.

We really are trying to help the ward as they just had a change in the bishopric. We are going to see a mighty change in the mission. Wish me luck, and pray for me as I try to press forward with all diligence.

The battling dragon,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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