May 23, 2016


El Monte South


McCoy Rowley

Exhaustion meets Perseverance

I am weary from this week as it was a very long week. It has been different having two companions. It was very chaotic when they both came in as it is a difficult transition. It has been a trial, but so far I am staying afloat. It was exhausting as we started out the week running everyday except for Sunday and Monday. I have been slacking in
cardio exercise and the first couple of days killed me. I finally got use to in on Saturday morning, but man it has been tough.

The contrast between Elder Rowley and Elder Elton is quite ridiculous. It is good as it is like having Elder Stuart and Elder Wandry together. There is fun but we are focused for the most part as well. The battle to teach and to work together is really the main problem. It is a great blessing as the challenge help us understand each other and cope with our weaknesses.

I have been struggling a bit as I jumped a lot in between different levels of stress. I think I am doing better (or at least I hope I am doing better). This week we have been visiting less actives and helping part member families this week. I has basically been a run down of the area with my companions. We have been had a lot of good experiences, as we taught many families and are helping them progress. My favorite day this week was Sunday we were able to see a lot progress of the ward and the stake. It was cool as we were able to struggle to fix up the problems in our stake. We then went on splits with the bishopric and it was amazing as we were able to work the ward hard. I then had an opportunity to go on the exchanges with Elder Alcaraz for a lesson. We then had a amazing lesson with the spirit so strong that it destroyed them. They were basically overloaded by information.

My birthday is tomorrow! Woo hoo I get to work and probably prepare for Mission conference. We are having Elder Gavarett of the 70 come and visit us and we are going to have a blast in learning from him. I am excited as this work is heavy, but I am glad I have amazing missionaries around me to lift me up. I am looking forward to this transfer as so far it has been my proving ground. We are going to see as we are going to be working with the AP's and other people to set this area on fire. It is my hope is that we can keep our hopes up and that we can overcome tomorrow.

Your ever firm friend and leader,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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