March 28, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Stoker

The Glorious Resurrection of one soul

This week was a rough one, but worth while. We had an exchange where I
got to be with a trainee. It is one of my favorite things now as I get
to help tutor and teach other missionaries. We went over to there
house and were able to sleep there. It was a rough night as we didn't
really have a mattress to sleep on. It was ridiculously fun though as
we had six missionaries all together in one pad, which doesn't happen
very often. We had a good next day as the companionship we split with
was able to explain there emotions and frustrations with each other.
We were able to be the mediators and counsellors in helping them
understand each other. It was a good day to give council and help them
learn to love each other more deeply.

During that exchange I was able to remember we must continually
disciple ourselves and keep ourselves safe from the enemy. We cannot
let that defense down as he seeks to break into your armor and suck
your soul out of you. He seeks to take you captive. The harder you
struggle against him the more effort he will put forth to put you
down. My favorite example recently is in Mosiah chapter nine and it
provides insight. We should as stated in versus eight and nine repair
our walls and construct more building to guard the labors of the field
and our people. Our effort will then be blessed.

We had a good rest of the week with Thursday we had a fantastic lunch
after district meeting. I have some pictures that I will show you
later. It was cool as we also sung afterwards. It is Elder Stoker,
myself, Sister Escalante and Sister Murdock. We had burritos with
chicken, rice beans, and guacamole. It was really good and we also
listened to Elder Jeffery R. Holland's face to face. Listening to him
talk about marriage and being in the same room with sisters was a
little difficult. I feel like have kind of done dates and activities
at the same time with all the sister missionaries throughout my

Friday I was able to share a plan to avoid and overcome temptation
with president. He had asked me to make for him earlier on, but I
finished it recently and also the book you were able to send me as
well. It was a good day as well because we did a baptismal interview
for someone. We also were able to pick up a former who wants to change
so bad and isn't really happy with his life. He is an addict and his
wife is a member who is returning to activity. The change in that
family is happening slowly, but gradually. The night before we had
seen the same effect in a recent convert who wanted to help others
come unto Christ. It brought a startling effect as his less active
brother was kind of shock of what happened. It really changed my
perspective as well that we are still doing good even if we aren't
finding success.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to talk to my recent converts
again. It has been rough as Hugo has kind of fallen away from the
church a bit. He is focused on getting the material things for the
family right now and is barely scraping by. His son Hugito was there
and it was nice to see him again. We were able to give him another
copy of the Book of Mormon and encouraged him to read it. The biggest
challenge for their family right now is to get them to church. We have
to ignite an old flame in them to help them return to activity. I need
to find a way how to do it, any suggestions?

Saturday and Sunday we were able to kick us back into gear. Saturday
our numbers soared again as we put our hands to the plough and went
full force. We taught five lessons in one day, which was a great
blessing for us as the area has struggled recently. We are getting
back in gear to finish the race. Sunday was a good day for me to
remember some important values about missionary work. 1) Always have
patience with your investigators as the time may not be right for them
and you cannot force them over the line. 2) Make sure to teach them in
a controlled environment before Satan can take control. If you don't,
the spirit will not be with you and we will not be able to teach. 3)
Keep focus and stay calm when you feel like you are losing control of
the situation or yourself just take a breather and understand what you
have to do in that moment. 4) Follow the spirit being the last step to
success. Allow him to guide you and direct you and don't get
distracted from his voice. It provides the means and the way to help
us learn and progress.

The P-day rules now have been finalized. We can only email for 2 hours
and we can't chat back and forth. We only have two hours of recreative
activity. We can only have one Zone or district activity per transfer.
Things just got a bit more difficult, but we look forward with hope
until we can go back to normal life again. Send your questions next
week in your email to me and I will try to respond to them.

From Master Wizard,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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