March 21, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Stoker

Trusting God through the Hardship

I have learned to trust God this week though as he is truly pushing me through the fiery furnace. This last week was pretty good as we started with an excellent P-day. On Tuesday we had a zone conference and that was quite extraordinary. I never have taught in front of a big group of people before. We have 26 missionaries in our zone,
including us. It was great, but the night was then rough as we didn't teach very well together. It made me mad as I felt I was doing my part.

Wednesday was a good day as we were able to teach Hugo(my recent convert from a year ago). He is working three jobs and doesn't really sleep. His wife works at McDonald's and doesn't really have a set schedule. I really want to work with them and help them organize there lives as it currently has no organization. I just kept getting tired throughout the week as I failed to do the things I should.

Thursday we had a great day doing exchanges. It was difficult for me to keep everything focused in as new missionaries always get the attention. We ended up having a great day however and pushing forward
with faith. The next day was brutal with weekly planning and the loss of so many appointments.

Saturday was very unsuccessful as we didn't really do anything until the family home evening, which was alright. We had fun and only a few people showed up though. It was a good day for me to feel love. Sunday
was a good day, but I couldn't focus as I felt to many things were just going wrong and I didn't change the problem. It was inevitable myself who needs to change and reach out to know the people.

Your tired and hopeful friend,
Elder Richards


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