March 7, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Stoker

Kick it up a notch!

Well I have good news as of recently I just learned that my converts from a year ago now live in my area in El Monte. I now have the pleasure of meeting with them again. It was interesting as I was just really pondering in sacrament meeting on what I need to do. As I was pondering and meditating I came to the conclusion that I needed more light. While I was thinking on this Hugo enter the chapel, to my surprise, and we had a moment where our eyes met. It was such a touching experience for me. I literally cried.

One of the things I have felt so heavily on the mission is that I am a failure in not helping anyone into the waters of baptism. This experience just really helped me remember that I am a success because of how I was
able to help this family. Now I have come to the second journey of helping them reach the temple and become completely active again. I am pumped!

We had an intriguing week as things started out good. It was a bit difficult still as Elder Stoker and I are trying to work on our teamwork and communication. It has been a good week as many of our investigators have been progressing. It seemed to get harder as the week went on as many of the investigators didn't fulfill their
appointments. Sunday I believe was the worst day and I
couldn't figure out why.

One of our best investigators dropped us. It was sad as we couldn't figure out why as his desires changed. We believe he might have done something to change his desire so we are going to go back and see what happened. We have picked up another investigator who is totally prepared and is willing to make the steps to come unto Christ.

Anyways I believe Hunter Karr will go English speaking California.

Your friend the Green Dragon,
Elder Richards


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