February 22, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Stoker

Hmmmmmm...... Zone Leader.....

Behold, I say unto you, Family, that I do not joy in your great
afflictions of not receiving a long letter, yea, it grieves my
soul...... And now, in your epistle you have censured me, but it
mattereth not; I am not angry, but do rejoice in the greatness of your
heart. I, Elder Richards, do not seek to write short letters, save
only to inform you of the field that I may preserve the acts and the
liberty of my mission experience. My soul standeth fast in that work
in the which God hath permitted us to do.

I just think of Pahoran when you write those type of letters. I am
sorry, but sometimes transfers take all our time to write to you. We
truly do love you. Now let's not have any more tears or sadness, "let
us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power." (D&C 123:17)We are
blessed that we can talk to you and email you instead of writing
letters with pen and paper. Now it isn't the first thing that has
happened this week. Satan is really trying to keep his grasp on the
people that we are working with. Many of the baptismal dates we have
for these following weeks have fallen through as people are letting
there faith fail them.

I have come to realize that I have a difficult task of helping these
fainting souls take a drink from the living water. Many of the people
we went by the first two days had some sort of resistance or problem
with meeting with us. We had to be the go getters and try to find
people this week. It worked pretty well as we found about four new
investigators this week. One we gave a baptismal date and they came to
church. We have been putting all our effort forward to help these
people come closer to Christ. Satan gets his daily visit with them so
we are trying to make sure we do as well. It is for there benefit and
their relief that we do it.

One of the biggest strengths I have had this week is the talk you sent
me as I have been reviewing it again and again. We need to break out
of our shell and help others see the evil we have been sent to stop.
We can become a mindless minion for the enemy or a powerful hero at
the side of Jesus Christ. We are in this battle together and we have
to find those few who are trying to find the right side and are trying
to break the chains that bind them down. I have found that our
consistency and our quickness to act will help us defeat our enemy and
make the right choice.

Wake up is my call to the world as people are failing to partake of
the fruit. We must let our love and energy flow to help others. We
must not judge or think we are doing something wrong. We should always
evaluate yourself and see if we are doing are part. We must ask others
as well to know if we are doing enough. We put both of them together
and ask God for help to improve and he will give us that help. We will
then be able to do all things "through Christ who strengthens us."

This first week I met a family who have a religion conflict as the
wife is of our religion and the husband is of another. The husband got
really defensive as we taught them about the restoration especially
when we talked about the apostasy. He didn't really understand the
importance of the authority. We ended up teaching him later in the
week and he was fine, so we believe that it was that day.

We talked to another guy who is trying to break some of his
addictions. He was doing well except recently he fell back into his
habits. We didn't see him everyday to though so Satan overwhelmed him.
There was this women we are trying to teach as well and she has the
mind set of a child. It is not the best situation with her as we are
trying to get her to live the law of Chastity, but the man she lives
with has a greater hold on her than we think. She is still trying to
accept the idea of taking responsibility on herself and it isn't

We met another family who is less active because of something that
offended them in the past and they will not let it go. We were
teaching her daughter, but as we have been working hard Satan has been
as well. He has caused fear to enter into her heart because she was
denied baptism once and she doesn't want it to happen again. It is
terrible. I believe she also is affected by her mother who isn't
converted to the gospel. She got baptized so the missionaries would
leave her alone. She has no idea what she has done. I told her she has
to find out what she did in order to understand the weight and
responsibility placed upon her head.

We then had a Mini Mission with the stake where Sister Escalante,
Sister Murdock, Elder Stoker(my new Companion), and I were MTC
presidents for a day. We were able to teach the 12 youth that showed
up and we went out with these youth. They were able to realize that
missionary work isn't always successful, but we can make the best of
it. I think I have covered mostly everything.

Elder Stoker is a guy from Idaho who liked to hang out with his
friends. He is a sports guy and has fun with friends. He is really
similar to me and it is kind of cool because we just have a blast
together. We work hard and do our best it is great.

Love from your hard working missionary,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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