February 15, 2016


La Puente, Baldwin Park


Elder Stoker

Well.... Leadership.....

Congrats your son is now serving as a Zone Leader!? I miss my
district......... I am now in-charge of directing the biggest Zone in
the mission. I am quite shocked as I didn't expect it at all. One
transfer as district leader was not enough. I hope that they can
continue to grow in knowledge and can continue in the paths God has
for them. It is extremely difficult to describe the responsibility
that has come with the calling. I am honored and humbled that I have
gain such a sacred trust from God. I now must continue to exercise my
faith in being a disciple of Christ.

I really loved the quote as well mom where Satan chooses his servants
when they are idle and Jesus chooses his servants when they are
working. I have seen that as I have had to try and motivate Elder
Hunzeker to work as he didn't want to take the responsibility. I feel
like the more we shirk our privilege to help these people the less
likely we are going to do stuff. I was talking with Juan Chavez, who
is a Returned Missionary of many years and he said I am very humble
and will go the extra mile. It just really put into perspective of how
much I have changed. It excites me and humbles me making excuses
realize we must continue go the extra mile to accomplish the work of
the lord.

It just makes me think of yesterday as it was Hermana Packard's
Birthday and we basically got her a lot of presents and a ballon. She
said it was one of the best birthdays she had ever had. What a
blessing to hear that we could make her day. They were really sad when
they learned about the transfer. I hope they continue to stay in
contact so we can continue to be friends after the mission.

I am really drawing a blank at the moment as I am with my new Zone and
trying to think of what to say. I have a lot of work to do here as I
am suppose to unite them. So I better start working. The email will be
longer next week.

Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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