January 2, 2016




Elder Montgomery

It is finished

"What can you see on the horizon? The ships have come to carry you home. All will turn, to silver glass. A light on the water, all ships pass into the west." My time has come where Elder Montgomery will have
to go on without me. It is the time to move on and shoulder on whatever the Lord seeks to put on me. I am super excited because the next adventure they have to bear will be much harder than what I had
to do. Elder Montgomery's new companion is Elder Clark, my MTC companion, will be taking my place. I am super excited for them as they get to do a lot more things. My job will be back to regular proselyting, which will be a good break.

My thoughts are that I will go to a fairly new district and be a district leader of some sort. I really have no clue where I am going, but I am excited to go. We actually got to do something really cool this end of year and beginning of year. We spent our time at the Rose Bowl Parade(You can look it up). It was really cool as we just went around proselyting and talking to people. I was able to talk to so many different people I was able to get a couple of people we could go by. It was a faith building experience as I came to a better understanding of what I can do. It was cool.

Anyways playing bang! And enjoying the mission.

Love from,
Elder Richards

My New Year's Resolutions :
Work out in the morning as well. Being more sincere with my prayers and studies. Learn to cook more things. Be more tidy and ready for the day.
How was your week?
What did you do for New Years?
Did you celebrate it? How?
Were you able to keep appointments during the Holidays? Were people harder to get a hold of because of the Holidays?
What are you going to do this year to make your mission even better?
When did you feel the spirit this week?
What was the best thing that happened this week and why?

We watched a parade and proselyted there. We had a lesson with this lady who has a son in deep problems with the Word of Wisdom. It was super spiritual as she is ready to change and receive the gospel into her life. The spirit was leading the lesson as we taught her as well so she could get the most out of the experience. I thing I answered most of your questions with my letter. Just tell me which ones I missed.

Elder Richards
Sounds awesome! When do you find out where you are going & who your new companion is going to be? Are you glad to be done w/the bikes & office stuff? ~ Mom
Tonight, I am kind of glad there are some privileges I miss, but I am glad to be done.

Elder Richards


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