December 29, 2015




Elder Montgomery

Well what's next?

I think what happened with my Skype is that I don't really reset my
iPad. I believe it is the main issue for the failure in technology.
Anyways back to the subject the final countdown as the other end of
the mission approaches. I am so happy because I am having a change of
nature I feel like. The reason is I want to be obedient and expand my
talents to help the Lord's work. Recently I actually have the
opportunity to play the piano. I am super nervous for it, but i am
practicing and I am hoping I will be blessed for my efforts.

First before I really get started........

Happy birthday to you!🎁🎊🎉
Happy birthday to you!🎁🎊🎉
Happy birthday dear Mom and Dad!🎁🎊🎉
Happy birthday to you!🎁🎊🎉

Here is my song for the week. I have actually been pondering a lot
about the past prophets. We have actually been listening to the Truman
G. Madson books about them. It is really intriguing to understand
their lives and their weaknesses. It is nice to recognize that they
had their own problems to and the God chastised them for it. The
message of their lives is keep getting better. Be understanding and
use the attributes or fruits of the spirit.

I am kind of excited as I believe one of the best things in the gospel
is we are required to act. We act in faith and even though we may know
an outcome we have to learn to handle the situation differently from
the previous times we have done so. I have come to the realization of in
order to continually change and progress we have to repetitively
review and apply the things that we have seen, read, and heard. Only
in this pattern will we always be stronger and better. It is complete
repetition of all things that we learn to change and be better. It is
why God has said "meditate it in your heart and in your mind." Do not
let the doubt or fear creep in and tear it down. You then ask and good
will grant it to you and build you in wisdom, knowledge, and power.

I am going to develop the talents and improve in the things that God
has shown me I can do. I am going to try and remove the fear of pain,
of suffering. My goal for this next year is to patiently endure all
things and be still and remember God. I am not forsaken neither am I
lost, but Satan will do everything in his power to lead me there. I
know we can change and do hard things through repetition and I promise
you that if you start know you will have the discipline and the faith
to do all things. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

Love from one of your stripling warriors,
Elder Richards


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