October 6, 2020


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Matthew Thomas

You Are All Looking At An Official Graduate of THE Provo MTC

Well everyone. I done it. I graduated. Zoom classes are no more, and now I'm shipping off to Texas tomorrow! It still doesn't feel real whatsoever, so I'm thinking maybe this weekend it'll hit me that I'm like a missionary and living in Texas and whatnot. I dunno we'll see I probably still won't believe it.

The MTC was awesome! Zoom was pretty rough at times and it was definitely weird being home but it was a great experience and I learned a ton. My district was also super awesome and I'm gonna miss those chaps. I definitely felt the Gift of Tongues super strong there too! I've already learned so much of my language, I can say words like howdy (hello), y'all (you all), and even horse (car). For legal reasons, that was a joke. Okay but seriously I kinda did feel a change I've got all these fancy scriptures memorized and the First Vision and all these things that I definitely would not have memorized and learned that quickly if I was seminary or something so that's super cool. Feeling pretty solid about getting out there and teaching, but I'm sure once I actually get into it I'll realize I know absolutely nothing.

General Conference was also so awesome! My main man President Oaks over here was spitting facts all over the place, and his talk was by far my favorite. This world, and especially this country (the literal Promised Land you guys), is super duper split right now everyone hates everyone and no one can say anything without offending someone and in the words of an excellent Black Eyed Peas song where is the love? We're like Nephites and Lamanites all over again and I think his talk was very relevant to everyone, love each other and love your enemies. It's definitely something I could do a ton of work on and I want to get better at loving everyone and seeing them as a child of God because if we all did that this world would not be so psycho right now. Anyways did not mean to go off that much. I hope you all enjoyed Conference too hahahaha.

Scripture of the Email

3 Nephi 7:17
"And he did minister many things unto them; and all of them cannot be written, and a part of them would not suffice, therefore they are not written in this book. And Nephi did minister with power and with great authority."

If this man ain't the coolest example of preaching the gospel then I dunno who is. It literally says they didn't write what he taught in the scriptures because he taught with such great power and authority that there was too much to write, and summing it up just wouldn't do it justice. He literally taught so well that it was too good to be put in the Book of Mormon. And that's pretty cool. So that's my mission goal, is to be able to teach that well, and with that much power and authority. 

Anyways, I'm heading out tomorrow morning so the next email I write will be from Texas! Crazy times. I'll see you all in 2!

-Elder Newton

1) Some of our district got together downtown for General Conference!
2) Me and Elder Thomas playing zoom cards for the last time :(
3) A picture of Tiny Superman Elder Newton for you to remember me by


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