August 12, 2019


Marília State of São Paulo, Brazil


Elder Frost

Week 29

This week was transfers, and I'm staying here in Parati, Marilia with Elder Frost!

We have a family to baptize here in a little if all goes well! We had a wonderful baptism and confirmation this last Saturday and Sunday with a 13 year old girl who's as smart as an adult, and she is basically the mom in her house, watching over two special needs kids and 2 other brothers. She wanted to wait for a year before getting baptized! We had a lesson every day leading to her baptism, and her mom was getting in her head a lot. (Her mom was baptized over 20 years ago and was also a ward missionary, but fell away 7 years ago.) I read 2 Corintios 5:17 and explained that all she has is NOW to help her have a future full of blessings and guidance of the Lord. It was super powerful! I felt the spirit helping me on what to say!

The Lord is protecting us! We had to find a house of a less active in a favela to take him to work (a favela is a drug slum town). We have worked there before but this time some guy (I think he was a guard for the favela) thought we were police when we entered, so he escorted us to the less active's house, but I thought he was leading us to the river! I was super scared! But it all worked out in the end. It took forever to find him (the less active), so we were going to be 15 minutes late to the confirmation of Maryadne and then boom, someone in the ward caught us walking and took us and the less active to get to the sacrament meeting on time.

Two of our recent converts received the priesthood this week! :)

Hope everyone has a great week!! -Elder Millett


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