August 27, 2018



Mike Roundy

Car troubles

It's been an unusual week, but aside from some car trouble everything is going wonderfully here. So awesome to hear about Ethan and Demi's wedding. Thanks for the pictures.

The current update on Cynthia and Herman is that Herman got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday, and we had a lesson with them earlier this week about family history and temple ordinances. They seemed excited about doing baptisms for the dead but haven't set a goal of when to get there by yet.

Jeff's friend Anthony and a 19 year old guy named Teshaun both accepted baptismal invitations this week, so thats really exciting, but we're still in the early stages with both of them and neither of them are easy to contact. We'll just have to keep calling and stopping by. Teshaun would be a golden investigator if we could ever find him.

Saturday was weird. We had a really good plan of salvation lesson in the morning with a man named Mike, and then were driving to lunch when at a stop light out car shut off. Elder Roundy put it in park, started it up again and we drove to the fast food place. As we were about 3/4 into our parking stall the car died again and this time we couldn't get it to move again. It could idle but as soon as it was put in gear the engine would shut off. So we had lunch, did companionship study and waited for the tow truck. Our Ward mission leader Brother Ford gave us a ride back to our apartment and we showed up an hour late to a return appointment in our complex at about 3:30.

On Sunday we got a ride to church from Brother Ford. We also got a new assistant ward mission leader this week named Brother Ford. That's going to cause some confusion. After missionary coordination meeting Elders Roundy and Kinross went to ward council while Elder Vin Zant and I ran around trying to make sure that the people that asked for rides to church were actually coming. Everything went smoothly with getting Jeff to church, but Elder Vin Zant was sprouting grey hairs because the people he thought needed rides from members weren't home and the ones he thought could drive themselves needed rides. We got it figured out. I was impressed at how much Uruba and Swahili he's picked up in the last 8 weeks.

After church and choir (Brother Ford is in the choir) we walked down the road about 40 minutes to get to our appointment with Michael Alvarado at 6:15. We were there till 8:00 talking about every religious topic under the sun. Elder Roundy was planning on basicly sitting back and letting me and Michael go at it, but instead he ended up contributing some really cool insights and said later that he thinks he learned a lot about teaching by the spirit. In the last 10 minutes we finally got a breakthrough with him and discovered what we think is the core of his concerns. He wants to improve his spirituality and he believes in some sort of higher power but he doesn't know what he believes about God and didn't know how to deal with all his different conflicting preconceptions about God. We gave him some council about figuring out what he believes to be true and then working from there. Elder Roundy feels a lot better about spending time teaching him because he has meaningful questions now instead of just theological fluff about Abrahamic vs. Dharmic concepts about Deity and so on.

Our car is going to get looked at sometime today, so hopefully it's an easy fix. It's a 2017 Malibu with less than 30000 miles on it so it's weird that it's acting up like this. I'm writing this on my phone in our apartment instead of on a computer at the library which is surprisingly hard on the thumbs.

I hope that you all have fun with the last week of summer. Good luck getting ready for the return to school.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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